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PeakHR: Timely and Accurate Attendance System

PeakHR: A Complete System to Manage your workforce

Biometric for workforce management has been gaining popularity in the past few years. Most of the company is adopting biometric attendance system not only to increase accuracy and identification, but also to remove issues with mismanaging employees and to increase the productivity.

The main factor for adopting biometric attendance software is to replace the traditional time tracking system. Some of the traditional system includes paper based, passwords, personal identification numbers, time cards, etc. The reason behind the replacement is the old system proving too inefficient and slow down the productivity. Biometric application is said to be secure and accurate as compared with traditional methods.

Globizs is among the top IT company in Manipur providing various IT products and services. Among various products, PeakHR, a wireless attendance system that helps track and monitor employee attendance. It is an effective time tracking system that helps different government and private organizations to keep track of attendance, access control system, and many more. The PeakHR software allows administrators to check daily or monthly staff attendance, entry and exit summary, list of employees & their details, employees on leave, setup in different categories such as branch, shift, department, etc.

PeakHR comes with various features and is among the largest distributed attendance system in Manipur. It is backed by a standalone fingerprint machine along with access control software which can be accessed from smartphones. Please see below for information regarding some of the main features of PeakHR.

PeakHR- Features of the Device:

  • 128×64 Graphic LCD Display
  • 16 Keys Keypad
  • Push Data Technology
  • Server Load optimization (with multiple records uploaded in one ping to server)
  • 3000 biometric templates
  • 100000 Record storage capability
  • RFID Reader / Mifare Reader (Optional)
  • HTTP Based Communication (No dependency on IP address and Port number)
  • IP Based Communication
  • 48 Hours Inbuilt Battery.

There are many factors that should be kept in mind while implementing the biometric system. To achieve the full benefits, it is important to install the right biometric system. If you are looking to upgrade your time & attendance processes, then try Globizs PeakHR to track employee attendance and ensure accurate time tracking.

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