Globizs Fiesta 2018: Looking Back

Globizs Fiesta 2018: Remembering the IT journey in Manipur

Globizs Fiesta 2018 kicks off at Classic Hotel, North AOC, Imphal. The team gathered in their best attire and fresh mind to bid goodbye to 2018. The day started off with a welcome speech by Director, Globizs, Mr. Jugeshmangi to reflect on the difference between the work culture prevailing in the state of Manipur and other states of India. He emphasise that in few years time private jobs will be nothing less than public sector jobs. For the past few years there has been incremental growth in the salary structure of the private sector employees. And Globizs aims to lead the shift. With the persisting growth rate the gap will soon be covered. For those employed in the private sector needs to keep in mind, is to contribute to the need of the organisation towards its growth and hence their own personal growth.

Globizs Fiesta 2018: What lies ahead?

Globizs in its core business model includes employee centric policies and programs which encourages employees to perform their best. The company aims to grow more, grow together and aim higher, bringing more IT products in the market. Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year, Sir Jugeshmangi concluded his speech.

Then the program was followed by Rewards and recognition ceremony. Few selected employees who have shown their dedication and determination has been given mementos and certificates to recognise their efforts. Each one was requested to say a few words to encourage others. Without perseverance and patience career cannot be build. It is a must to grow in any field. Unanimously all of them were opinionated that one should challenge oneself to be the best. Keeping ones interest alive is also a must to enjoy the work one is doing.

As part of, planning ahead the year 2019, Mr. Robert, Business Process Manager, presented with”Know Your KPI” presentation. Explaining the presentation he emphasises that each department and personnel should be able to identify and measure their performance indicators. The model will be subsequently implemented to help pull up the performance of the organisation as a whole.

Next, Mr. RoshniKumar Yambem, Managing Director, launched the much awaited employee handbook of Globizs. He also announces few changes in some of the existing policies. Sharing his insight and history of how Globizs came into being and how for almost 12 years it has stood as leader in the IT industry in Manipur. Also, he shared his vision and plans to improve the company growth.

After a short high tea break, all of the team of Globizs join in for a fun filled game session. Followed by few songs and dance program, the event marks the successful completion of the year 2018. Board of thanks was given by Senior HR, Miss Porshia and the event officially close for the year.

The Company in good will gesture to look back and plan ahead will continue to celebrate Globizs Fiesta. Also, it serves as a reminder of all those who have been together in the journey.


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