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Importance of biometric machine for attendance And How It Changes The Organisation system In Imphal Manipur.

Biometric attendance machine for Students and employee resource management has gained popularity in recent years in Manipur. Most companies and schools in Imphal Manipur are adopting a biometric for time and attendance system, not only to increase accuracy and identification but also to eliminate employee mismanagement issues and increase productivity. Adopting a Biometric attendance machine is to replace the traditional hectic attendance system. Some traditional systems include paperwork, personal identification numbers, time cards, etc.

The biometric application is safe and accurate compared to traditional methods. Globizs Web Solution Pvt. Ltd. is among the leading IT companies in Imphal Manipur offering various IT products and services. Among all the products PeakHR is one of them, PeakHr is a wireless attendance system that helps track and monitor employees or School Students attendance from anywhere. It is a wireless attendance system that helps various government and private organizations to track the attendance of their employees remotely through a mobile application or from the office computer. 

PeakHR comes with various features and is one of the largest distributed assistance systems in Manipur. It is supported by a standalone fingerprint device along with access control software accessible from smartphones. 

Below is information about some of PeakHR’s main features: PeakHR – Device Features:
• Inbuilt GSM/GPRS – Sim Based Fingerprint Biometric Attendance Machine
• Cloud Based Software For Managing The Employees And Attendance Details
• Automatic Retry Of Data Upload If The Internet Is Not Available For An Instance
• Mobile App (Android/iOS) For Real-Time Report On Mobile
• Data On The Cloud Which Is Accessible To Everywhere

There are many factors to consider including price and quality when implementing the biometric system. Installing the right biometric system is important to take full advantage. If you’re looking to improve your time and attendance processes,  try Globiz’s PeakHR to track employee attendance and ensure accurate time tracking.

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