Mobile applications: Trends that will help succeed

Mobile Applications: What is the latest trend?


Mobile applications are evolving now and then and have led to many innovations. This has led to technologies such as cloud computing, M-commerce, Inter of things and many more. Also, wearable devices such as smart watches, activity trackers, etc. have grown in the past few years.

Smart phones are an indispensable part of our life. They help us perform our most essential task with ease and accuracy. Thus, there is high competition in the mobile market mainly with the application. It has become imperative for mobile developers to keep up with the latest trends in mobile app development.


Mobile Applications trend that will help stay ahead of competition


Some of the mobile applications developments trends that can help succeed your application and stay ahead of the competition are as follows:

  • Application Security

Security is one of the biggest challenges for most of the developers. With the increasing use of mobile applications, there is also an increase risk of cyber attacks and other kinds of security breaches.

Some of the reasons that have led to upsurge of security threat is because of the increasing number of mobile devices, popularity of IoT, mobile wallets and bring your own devices in the development environment. These are just a few examples to cite.

  • Location-Based Services

The latest technology gaining momentum is Beacon. It captures the location of the user through websites or apps allowing ads, messages and other relevant information personalised for the user.  Other location based Wi-Fi services are also becoming popular with users and enterprises.

  • Digital Mobile Payment

Mobile payment is another segment where growth is almost instantaneous. Payment platforms such as Google pay, Amazon pay and many others are growing in popularity. This has led to spearheading the evolution of mobile payments. It is going to grow further in the coming years. As most tech giants are investing in developing mobile payment applications. Also, it leads to the development of safer and simpler mobile applications that will simplify solutions for the users.

  • Wearables and IoT

Wearable devices are another dimension of the mobile technology that is registering high growth. Fitness tracking devices based on apps like Applewatch, Samsung gear and even companies like Fossil, Senheiser, etc. are bringing out their IoT devices. It is not just tech companies who are exploring, fashion and textile companies are also exploring the benefits of wearable technologies in order to integrate them with their products.

  • IoT (Internet-of-Things).

IoT has already set its foot on the mobile app development from the past few years and it’s going to go further and higher. Some of the statistics in favour of IoT growth are as follows:

*  By 2020, there will be more people and things connected with each other.

*  Global IoT market will grow by 30% by the year 2019.

*  Revenue generation by IoT product and IoT supplier is expected to reach 1 trillion by the year 2025.

Taking into account the above points the demand for advance mobile applications that will provide access to the users to various systems will increase in the coming years.  Many tech giants and other form of enterprises are integrating IoT and focusing on private cloud network, sensor system, wearable and other form of mobile devices.

  • Surge in Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is another system resource which offers a lot of different features such as reliability, scalability, huge data storage, powerful processing capability, and many more. It will provide immense development platforms which will prove beneficial for developers, reviving the development process, and allowing easy implementation of cloud technology with the applications.

  • Enterprise Applications

Enterprise applications are among the most profitable one, considering the economic value it generates for the developers. For developers who are involved in the development of enterprise applications generates at least 40% profit. Thus, many developers are taking up the development of enterprise applications to leverage the services and products that mobile platforms offer to the users. This means more businesses for the developers and evolution of the applications.

Many mobile applications emerge and fade. The success of your application depends on building apps that truly helps your clients business or needs, or solves user specific problems. Otherwise, it will not be able to curve the growth chart. Here at Globizs, we build mobile applications that solve problem, augments growth and ensure success for your business.


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