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Custom software: Definition

Custom software development means designing a software application that is specific for a user or a group of user for an organisation or within an organisation. This kind of software is designed to address the precise need of the organisation or the individual. They are designed specifically only for the organisation either by a third party company or in house developers. This software is not for the purpose of reselling.

Custom software: The difference from package software

Package software is mainly meant for large audiences who fundamentally have similar needs. Microsoft word, Photoshop, etc. are some of the examples of package software.

Whereas in, custom software is tailor made for a specific entity. They are commission, design and developed to meet the precise needs of the said entity. For example, a micro finance company may need a specific type of software that will support and make their work more productive. This type of software will be designed in such a way, keeping in mind the need of the company’s infrastructure, brand, internal structure, implementation challenges which are unique to that particular organisation.

Custom software: Pros and Cons


  • Provides personalise solutions suitable for the business.
  • Increase productivity and functionality.
  • Easily scalable to business growth.
  • Efficiently adapt to business changes.
  • Added security from external threats as the programs used are customised.
  • Integrate changes in the software during the production as it is an incremental process.
  • Cost effective as you pay only for the features you want.
  • Flexibility of use and control.
  • Control the support and updates of the software as the function of the software will remain in your purview.


  • Initial investment in the development of the software.
  • Longer time to build
  • Technology changes frequently and you have to adapt to it to keep up the competitive edge.

Custom software: Whom to assign the development services

Picking a company or an individual to design your custom software may be a big challenge. The best is to pick a local firm who will be reachable for support as and when needed. The firm must be able to assess your need and requirements and identify what needs to be integrated within the software. Cost should not be the main criteria for choosing a company what accounts more is the flexibility and adaptability to work with. Globizs design and develop custom software that will cater to all your business need. To enquire more visit their website.

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