Biometric time clock systems: Time and attendance management system

Biometric time clock systems: Keeping track of time and cost

Biometric time clock systems, nowadays is a common thing in most of the organisation of all sizes, shapes and industries. There are many time clock systems that are available in the market that will help track entry and exit timings of employees and staffs.  Which type of time clock will suit best your organisation totally depends on your decision and how it will benefit your organisation. A school will need a different time clock system than a factory. But there are time clock systems that are universal which means they can be used by any type of organisation such as the Biometric Time Clock Systems.

Biometric time clock allows easy tracking of in and out time. Thus, effectively tracking attendance for people in the organisation whenever time tracking is needed.  The timings recorded through biometric system are reliable as they cannot be manipulated like any other system when one person may punch or enter time on behalf of another. Hence, issues as such timesheet manipulation, hampered productivity and increased cost can be avoided easily.

One of the biggest concerns while installing a biometric time clock for most organisations is the initial cost. They are more expensive than most time clock systems, but they will provide the best return on investment by saving up money in avoiding most manipulations. Biometric attendance system deters time theft and improves payroll efficiency.

Biometric clock system registers the fingerprints of the employees to mark the in and out timings. The ease of use and deployments make this attendance system the most common and popular time clock system to manage time tracking and attendance applications.

Benefits Biometric time clock systems

Time tracking and attendance is an important activity for any organisation. Most organisations have some form of time tracking and attendance management system. For some companies it has become part of their strategic business component and helps in the overall management.

And why efficient attendance management system is required is as follows:

Increased productivity

Employees’ productivity will get hampered if they turn in late and leave early from the office. AN efficient attendance system allows tracking time and helps curb incidents of time theft, which may result from deploying obsolete time clock systems. Thus, increasing their productivity and contributing to the profits.

Payroll efficiency

Time tracking allows payroll management as employees’ works the hours they are paid for. Thus, getting more productivity from the wages paid. At the same time it works as an equalizer as employees who took advantage of poor control by turning in late and leaving early are kept in check. It works the same for all employees.


Biometric time clock systems: Attendance systems for small businesses

For most small businesses the challenge in deploying an advance attendance system, such as the biometric time clock system, is the initial cost. They most feel reluctant in investing and putting money into something mundane as managing attendance for a few handful staff. Most of these organisations face the issue of time theft affecting their productivity and hence profit. The failure to track employee in and out time, thus hurt the business.

Biometric time clock systems lock the attendance of the employees with their fingerprints, which cannot be duplicated. The long term benefits are many, but immediately cuts off the manual efforts. It streamlines time tracking and allows efficient payroll management.

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