Web Technology Stack: How not to choose the wrong ones?

Developing a web application requires proper selection of server, database, framework, front end tools and programming languages. These technologies are built on top of each other and are collectively known as web technology stack.

How not to choose a web technology stack?

For businesses and start-ups here are few things to consider while choosing a web technology. Or rather what are the things to avoid while choosing a web technology stack, please read further:

#1: Avoid Choosing Based on Competitors’ Experiences

It is a good strategy to keep a watch at your competitors but do not pick technology stack based on their experiences. Instead, it should be based on the type of project you are running and the goals you want to achieve. Because at any point if you need to upgrade or modernize your technology stack to suit your growing business, which will come at a cost. So, choosing them, keeping the future in mind will be the right move.

#2: Avoid Choosing Based on Personal Preferences

Choosing a web technology stack based only on your personal preference can be a good idea only if you have a sound background in web development.  Otherwise, you will end up choosing the wrong components of the technology.

#3: Avoid Choosing Based on Previous Projects

One web technology stacks may not be all fit for all types of projects. It doesn’t really matter how successful your technology stack for a particular project has been. Your current project should be based only on the latest technology and the one suitable for the type of project. Technologies do become outdated at a fast rate more than we can comprehend. And at the same time projects do change from time to time.

#4: Avoid Choosing Based on Online Research

Choosing a web technology stack should be based on practical experiences and not on hypothetical opinions. It will be wrong to choose your technology stack based on online polls or surveys. Many sources are available with strong proofs, so don’t be misguided by them. Rely on your practical experiences.

That’s why here at Globizs.com, we pay close attention to the internal process and services to its client to understand its unique business proposition. We then select the web technology stack that is most suitable for the business. Our websites and application are designed with particular attention to the adaptability of the technology to the business process.


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