Biometric Attendance System: Accurate and reliable system

Biometric Attendance System: How it works?


Biometric attendance system with built in attendance software is the latest form of attendance management system. It is gaining its niche in offices and many institutions. Why the demand for such an attendance system is gaining popularity is because of the changing work culture, requirement for transparency, accountability and remote workforce. PeakHR biometric attendance system comes with robust features. It is the largest distributed attendance system in the whole of Manipur and increasing popularity in the North-East region. The attendance is backed by a standalone fingerprint machine along with access control software which can be access from your mobile phone.


The system comes with a WiFi and GPRS internet connection, wireless, long battery backup which allows recording the attendance of the employees and preventing any unauthorized entries in the premises of your office. It can store up to 3000 fingerprints in the device and one year transaction records on cloud.



Biometric Attendance System: Features and Benefits


Some of the features of the biometric system are as follows:


Elimination of proxy attendance: It is impossible to replicate an individual’s fingerprint or share it. Therefore, it eliminates buddy punching which is a common phenomenon with other traditional methods of attendance. So, no proxy attendance.


Real time data management: PeakHR connects with the PeakHR software allowing easy management of attendance. Daily reports can be obtained without difficulty and hence the analysis of the data on a real time basis.


Reduction of payroll error: The PeakHR software comes with leave management, thus all leave records are easily available. Such reports can then be set side by side with the payroll system and help eliminate any error in the calculation of payouts. It also saves a lot of time in processing payroll as manual intervention is next to nil.


Low cost: The initial cost of acquiring the Biometric machine and the software is the only real cost that anyone will incur. Money will be saved for RFID cards or chips which not required in case of a biometric system, which may be lost or if employees absconds such cards or chips are lost.


Less interference with data: Data manipulation is less as biometric system records real time data. Calculation of overtime and other form of payoffs such as holiday pay, break or leaves are done based on the punch in information. The system keeps a tap on all the activities of the employees.



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