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The government of Manipur with an initiative to stop corruption in the state launch two websites on 14 April, 2017. Digital Application for Review by Public and Nation (DARPAN) and anti-corruption cell.


The websites are intended to bring a transformation in the way entire system works. Chief Minister N.Biren Singh is positive that with the use of information technology there would be transparency, accountability and freedom from corruption. This effort is in alignment with the “Digital India” campaign spearheaded by the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi. Also, the websites will help in bringing a better e-governance in the state. Both the web applications are developed by Globizs Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. The web applications are secured through SSL cryptographic protocol. So, users can use the web applications with trust and security.


How the web applications work in general?


The web applications are open for view and used by general public after registration. Users can get information on any ongoing government projects. They can also trace their progress through the web application. The web application allows users to view the work done by each department. The phase of completion of each project under different department and the amount spend. The main feature of the web application is the ability to trace the progress on a daily basis. Not only that the users can also see actual photographs of the projects.


Likewise the anti-corruption cell also allows registered users to complaint about any incident of corruption which they personally or someone close or known to them have experienced. A dedicated phone number has been provided to submit grievances or information related to any corruption related incident. The identity of all the complainants will be kept a secret. But users are encouraged to report only legitimate and true cases, as any misleading or false report may attract penalty. Complainants can also check in the status of their complaints through the web application.


Proactive monitoring through easy to use web applications, including project monitoring, deep data analysis and insights of user behaviour. Globizs web applications are easy to use and hep monitor each users.


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