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Programming languages: Which is best?

If you want to pursue programming as a career option, then you first need to acquaint yourself with the programming languages, first. Programming much like any other career choice needs to be defined by a clear cut path that you need to pursue. There will be obstacles, up hills and down hills, but the most important thing is to achieve the result.

There will be endless possibilities that will open up if you learn programming language. But the dilemma lies in choosing where to begin with as there are an endless number of languages available to learn. The choices are too many if you are just starting off. It is an issue most developers face at the beginning of their career. As they need to choose a programming language keeping in aims the future of it. Here at Globizs, we provide short-term training for freshers as well as experienced programmers who are looking for, taking up a career in programming or improve their knowledge with the latest development.

Programming Languages: What’s inn trend?

Like any other technology, programming languages also do become obsolete very quickly. Thus, it is important to know what is in trend and what is going to work out in the future. And some program may not even be required for the things that you planned to do. Because some programming languages are suitable for apps and some for apps. So, you need to choose as per your need. We provide the best on the job training in the industries preparing you for the future. Some of the languages that are gaining in popularity are as follows:

  • GO
    • A procedural programming language developed by Google. It is a relative new language which many developers are embracing as it has the potential of becoming a staple for every programmer. For some programmer this is never heard of but they soon need to pick it up to stay in the market.
  • Ruby (on Rails)
    • This one is for the passionate programmers. It is best suitable for developing medium to highly complex applications. Ruby on Rails drastically reduce the time, steps and cut the complexity involve in the programming. It is also best for developing cross-platform web application framework which is written in ruby.
  • Objective-C
    • If you are particularly interested in iOS then objective-C language is something that you must learn. Objective-C is an extension of C and is object oriented. It is much cleaner, flexible, swift and smaller language. Also, it is easier to learn and develop and dynamic structure allows extension even after the development is completed.
  • C#
    • C# most suitable for Microsoft ecosystem, but it is still used for general-purpose. Popular for game development, its popularity has declined over the years. But it has been one of the most requested languages. With the launch of .NET open source development platform, this programming language is now used for the development of non-window applications.
  • Python
    • It is a simple and easy to learn programming language which is used widely for the development of highly complex web applications. It is a must know language for anyone stepping into learning programming.
  • Java
    • Java is among the most popular language, with over millions of developer developing billions of devices around the world. Almost all android applications are Java-based. Java is used by 90% of the fortune 500 companies as the server-side language for backend development and can be run on any hardware or operating system by using the Java virtual machine.
  • Swift
    • Created by Apple to help design applications that will cover the vast range of operating system such as MacOS, iOS, etc.. It is aim at being more flexible and friendly than Objective-C at the syntax level. Also, available for GNU/Linux.
  • Kotlin
    • An ideal programming language for multi-platform applications. It is an open source advanced language meant for Android app. The language is used for the improvement of the robustness of the code and also to increase the usability of the application on multiple platforms.


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