Common mistakes Programmers make- Part 2

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Mistakes programmers often make at the beginning of their career

5. Time Estimation

Working in the IT world is full of deadlines. Managing your time and task will help in sticking to these deadlines. Estimation is an important aspect of software development. Schedule delays and extension leads to compromising trust. Thus, it is better to break down any project into smaller manageable task with definite timeframe to complete them. In case of any off schedule task you will have enough time to cover up what you have left behind.


6. Long hours

Coding involve long hours sitting this have some imperatives to your health. Some of them are sprains, strains, numb legs, etc. Sitting in one place for extended hours may be a challenge at the beginning. It is not a good habit and you will also find it difficult to concentrate for long hours. The best practices say you should take short breaks in between task. Also, look away from the screen every 20 minutes. In the long run working out at least 30 minutes every day will help in making it up for those long hours of sedentary positions.


8. Security Threats

In the world of IT, security threats are inevitable. Everything is evolving around data. It is the most valuable commodity. A lot of people pay close attention to your data, including your competitors. Any loopholes in the code can compromise the security of these data.  As a beginner, you might overlook security as your focus lies more on getting the coding right. Hackers look for such loopholes and manipulate ways to gain access to your data.


9. Continuing with other person’s code

Projects may be hand down to you. It is difficult to grasp the projects created by someone else. The original writer of the codes may not be available to brief you or have left the organisation altogether. Or just plain office politics where the original coder is reluctant to let go of the project or you to gain access to his way of coding. What you can do in such case is taking charge of the responsibility handed down to you. Spend time on understanding the style of the original coder. It will help in adapting his or her style and complete the task.

10. Plan your Code

Nothing works without a plan, coding too need some sort of plan to go about. Put your thoughts to where to direct it. Worse is to code first and then figure out where it is heading towards. Instead of wasting time figuring out the already written code, spend time on planning the direction of the code. Writing down the features, tools and the final output will allow you to see the steps that are required to build the product or software. Even in case of roadblocks in the course of the development process, you will come back to this plan and figure out the possible solutions.



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