Globizs: The mission, Vision and the way forward

Globizs: How it all started?

Globizs is one of the leading IT Company in the region. But its history lies in the entrepreneurial zeal of Mr. RoshniKumar Yambem, who, after completing his bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering started the company from his bedroom. In the year, 2004, he places a tiny advertisement in the local vernacular, Poknapham, inviting firms and businesses to design their website. During those times the general public was literally unaware of what a website is, let alone understand its value. But that unfamiliarity didn’t deter him. He placed the ad and was able to find his first client, Laishram Exports. He designed the first website of his career charging 5,000/- rupees. Soon he realised that cost of the development and designing far exceeded what he have charged from the client. Probably, this was the first lesson he learned as an entrepreneur.

Fast forward two years, 2006, he opened his first company office at Konung Mamang with a single staff, Lamnganba Khundongbam as Marketing Manager. The duo travel across the city, marketing websites to clients. They started serving 2 or 3 clients per year. The initial years were run in deficit, struggling to even pay the monthly rent for the office space. With a vision to instigate the transformation that IT can bring about in the region or the state he continued his journey.

The perseverance did pay off. After more than 12 years of business and 600+ clients, Globizs is now an ISO certified company empanelled by the government of Manipur. Its reputed clients both range from private and public enterprises. And well staff with more than 40 employees. Leading the company, Mr RoshniKumar Yambem, Managing Director along with Mr. JugeshMangi Wahengbam, Director Operations, runs the company from its headquarters in New Checkon Road.

Globizs: Where it’s heading to?

The company is constantly innovating to provide simple IT tools that can help small and medium enterprises to increase their productivity. The mission of the company is to build such tools that allow businesses to streamline their process and simplify their way of operation and management. The aim of the company is to improve the productivity of more than 60,000 SME’s by the year 2021.

Currently the company has IT products ranging from biometric attendance, school management system to Vehicle tracking devices. They are planning to increase the product range by the end of 2019. Their services remain intact with website designing and development, custom software and have recently added to mobile app development. The company is also sparingly investing in developing IoT products. This is something to look for as not many in the state comes up with such ideas as most often companies struggle with allocation of resources to research and development.

Globizs has completed 12 years of business and is well known among its clients for its reliability, integrity and innovation. They are able to create a niche in the market with affordable and innovative products, and mostly because they offer reliable services and after sale services.


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