Web Designing: How to make your website ready in 2019?

What to look for in 2019 in Web Designing?

Web designing has changed in many ways since it all began. The trend for the 2019 is not very different from last year, but there certain things that every designer should look out for an update themselves and definitely incorporate in their designs to stay ahead of competition. It is also crucial for websites to stay current to make it a success. Websites no matter how beautifully design they can become outdated in matters of months. So, it is important to stay relevant, current and provides the best user experience in 2019.

Let’s see what needs to be incorporated while designing website in the coming year:


Speed definitely is going to be the deciding factor of the workability of your website. Users are browsing websites more from their mobile phones. Therefore, it is essential to make your website mobile friendly and should take less than 3 seconds to load. With the Google Speed update on July 2018, loading speed of your website is on the top of the list for deciding the quality of your website. Thus, speed should be one of the design priorities for most website designers.


Minimalist designs have been around for a few years now, but its relevance just got more attention in the coming year. Clean and simple designs with the aim to increase mobile performance will be a necessity. Thus, flat designs which are clutter free will improve the aesthetics of the websites. Nevertheless the design factor should improve the usability of the website. They should provide excellent user experience with eye catching visuals.

Organic shapes

Geometric shapes, grids, asymmetrical, naturally imperfect shapes are all in. They add to the visual appeal as well as provide a feeling of balance. The combinations of shapes and colours can add emotions and feelings to your website.


With the innovation in AI chatbots are going to be on the spotlight in 2019. They will become micro-interactions sites on your website. It will improve interactions with the website user. Also, it will aid in excelling customer support. Seamless interaction can lead to building better Customer relationship and identifying potential customer.

Video Content

There is no doubt that videos are attention grabbing and informative. What can take pages of text to explain something can take only a few seconds for a video to explain the same? Video content can be incorporated as a video background or as an explainer video anywhere on the website. As users spend time on the video it automatically improves the website site metric  and as the average time spent on site increase the better for SEO rankings.

Single page

Last but not the list single page websites or paperless designs will be a major trend. They are search engine friendly as well as preferable for Digital Marketing stand point. It is easy to use, navigate and will have a higher conversion rate as everything the user need is right there without any distraction. Single page websites may not rule the designing community, but will certainly make its mark.

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