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Software development process: Distinct phases to help manage your projects

Software development process: Why it matters?

Technology is changing at a rapid pace. As these technologies improve so is the dependency of humans on technology increases. We depend on technology for every purpose. That’s why software development is becoming more and more necessary every day. We use technology in every imaginable corner of our life. Smart objects are the new lifestyle need for many people. It helps them save time, efforts and as well as money. In India, it is one of the growth accelerators.


Software development process: What are the steps?

Software development goes through a series of processes which can be broken down into define steps. These steps are also known as the “software development life cycle”. Let’s learn each of the steps in details:


  1. Planning: Planning is a crucial step to begin it. If the plan is charted out half the battle is won. Without a plan in hand, we cannot possibly foresee the stability and the vulnerability of the project. Planning is the beginning of the project and its flawlessness affects its progress.
  2. Analysis: Analysing the performances of the software during different stages of its development will ensure that the software is being developed as per the requirement. Also, if additional requirements come up, it can be implemented without disturbing the entire process. Help make notes of major and minor changes which are essential to moving onto the next step.
  3. Design: After analysis designing takes over. It is basically building the architectural structure of the project. These steps ensure that any flaws and defects are removed. Also, standard and specifications can be set to stick by it while developing the software.
  4. Development & Implementation: Software development process actually starts with this step. And as the product is developed, the product goes through a pilot study to check whether the product is functioning properly or not.
  5. Testing: The testing stage makes an assessment of the software product and checks for any errors and bugs.
  6. Maintenance: Once the product clears the testing stage and is found without any issues, it is passed on to the maintenance process. Here the product is constantly upgraded from time to time to adapt to changes. Almost every software development Indian company follows all the six steps, leading to the reputation that the country enjoys in the software market today.


The above six steps are very commonly followed in almost every IT company. And it is very common in Indian IT companies. This method helps in saving cost and that is why the cost of developing software is much lesser in India than its global counterparts. Currently, Indian companies are a favourite among many who intend to build or developed Custom Software. Globizs is among the leading IT companies providing custom software development, building highly cost-effective software.


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