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Mobile App Development: Trends in 2019 to Look For

Mobile App Development Trends in 2019: What to look forward?

Mobile App Development has come a long way since the time the first smart phones were launched. Smart phones have become an inseparable part of everyday life. It is expected that the number of users will cross the 2.1 billion mark by the end of 2019.

In the next 5 to 10 years more and more people will be connected online due to faster internet access. As such more people will spend more time online than a decade earlier. The intriguing facts is that out of this number of people at least 80 to 90 percent of the people online, spend their time using a mobile app rather than browsing websites. Thus, making mobile apps the new methods of reaching out far and wide to targeted audiences.

Mobile App Development Trends in 2019: How to keep ahead of the competition?

This leads us to finding a way to understand the trends in mobile app development in 2019. Because it is necessary for businesses to keep ahead of competition or at least level up with the competition to maximize their output. So, here is a list of things that rule the mobile development trends in 2019:


  1. Personalise Mobile App: 
    • Mobile apps provide users a more intuitive browsing experience. Thus, more and more companies are developing their own apps to provide unique and personalised user experience to their niche customers. The traction is picking up and will be even growing more in the year 2019. It is not just the big players in the market who are adopting the trend. Local businesses with their own sets of niche customers are adopting the trend and creating customise apps that will fulfill their needs. Some early adopters of the trends are healthcare, food delivery services, household services, cab services, and many more. On demand mobile development is where the buck is and would help in tapping revenue.
  2. M-commerce: 
    • Just like mobile app, M-commerce transactions will surpass e-commerce. M-commerce will be another guiding force in the app development scenario.
  3. Mobile Payment: 
    • Integration of payment gateway with the mobile app will be a must. As more and more people get confident and use to make online payments, the demand for such features will help in providing a seamless experience to the users. Another trend that will catch up shortly is concurrency payments, as many countries will be regulating such payment methods by 2020. This one trend that will help you stay ahead of competition.
  4. Wearable Apps: 
    • Wearable devices are set to triple its number from 84 million units in 2015 to 245 million by 2019. The total worth of the wearable devices is 33 billion US dollars. With so many wearable devices, in the market, the apps industry is all set to catch up. Because wearable gadgets need to be synchronized with smart phones. And in order to pair the two apps are required. Thus, wearable apps are the newest market segment in mobile app development.
  5. AR and VR:
    • Augmented reality which has been used in entertainment and gaming industry is now gaining momentum with health, real estate, interior designing, etc. Virtual reality has been used in online retail businesses for some time now. But as more and more users prefer shopping online from their mobile phones new applications are required to provide niche experiences to their customers. A customer can try out the products, for example, dress, spectacles, cosmetics, colours, etc., before they actually buy them.
  6. Cloud Integration: 
    • Cloud integration will be the hottest trend in mobile app development. In order to provide seamless experience and access to their data anytime cloud integration to mobile apps is a must.
  7. App Security: 
    • Mobile app development process altogether needs to address the security concerns of the users. The trend has moved towards from being more compliant to doing things that are right. Only those firms and companies who address this issue will be successful in the coming year.
  8. Internet of Things: 
    • The market for smart devices will be growing more in the coming year. As the demand for interconnecting smart devices increases the demand for feature rich mobile apps will also increase.



The Mobile App development will see a lot of changes in 2019. Those who gets ready to meet the demands of the changing times will only be the one who will sustain growth. They have to embrace the trends to stay ahead. For customise mobile app development contact Globizs, and stay ahead of your competition.


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