Internet of things technology and innovation

What is the Internet of Things?


Internet of things is a concept of connecting any smart devices or connected devices through the internet. It connects things and people, collecting and sharing data about their usage and the environment surrounding them.

The devices can be connected to any kind of objects from microwaves to self-driving cars to wearable fitness devices. These devices record statistics and data via an app and use them for the future.


Internet of Things: How does it work?


The internet of things platform is connected to devices or objects which integrates all the data from all the devices or objects, then accumulate the information to address specific needs of the users.

Such data collection can identify what types of information are useful and others which are irrelevant. They are also useful in detecting patterns, problems before they occur and make recommendations based on them.

For example, if you own a car, you might want to keep it safe from theft and other misuse. Thus, a vehicle GPS can allow you to trace the movement of the vehicle with real time location visible from your mobile, integrated through a mobile application.

These types of information can be used to make decisions and also make processes and services more efficient.


Internet of Things: Why is it gaining in popularity?


The Internet has become a daily essential.  Much more due to reduce cost of connection and increase in the connectivity of more devices to Wi-Fi. The cost of technology is going down with penetration of smart phones reaching its peak. Thus, increasing the demand of the internet of things. Even though using of such devices needs corresponding security measures to protect its users from possible threats and attacks. The industry is evolving and it is expected to reach 15 billion USD by 2020 in India alone. Globizs is also developing its own range of IoT products to cater to the local market. Its vehicle tracking devices are gaining its popularity and increasing its demand.


Internet of Things: What is the impact?


Lots of information is available in our daily lives and around us with the use of IoT. The collection of such information then is used to improve our daily activities. This provides better monitoring and control over events.

For businesses it will help in building an ecosystem of IoT products as more product, services and solutions will create more opportunities for investment and also create more jobs.  Opening up new avenues for generating revenues and pushing up economies.

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