IoT deployment: How it can change your business?

How IoT deployment can change the way your business functions?

IoT deployment can be done with network of vehicles, home appliances, and devices which are embedded with sensors, software, actuators, connectivity, and electronics. These allow users to connect and swap data. How the business world is changing steadily with the deployment of IoT can be understood from the following methods.

Logistic Improvement

Supply chain logistics and its process can drastically improve with IoT deployment.  IoT sensors can be placed on the delivery vehicle, containers and loads to register real time data and help track the movement of the items. Thus, ensuring delivery of the goods at the right location and at the right time.

Streamlined inventory management

Inventory management is set to a new height of efficiency when you merge IoT devices with your ERP (Enterprise resource planning). It allows you to accurately monitor inventory, analyze a purchase, and inventory consumption. Most of all, it will help manage stock level by reducing over stocking and avoid out of stock.

Quick and smart payment

The Electronic payment mode is the new mode of payment. For most businesses payments are made through a point-of-sale system or via the internet. IoT deployment can revolutionise the way these transactions are made. Such transactions, for example, can be made through wearable devices.

Futuristic IoT devices might even help with registering customer the moment they walk into the premises.

Market insight

Todays’s business tries to keep ahead of its competition. They keep track of the new development and changes. Thus, any business which deploys IoT and make use of the data collected from them will have a competitive advantage over others. This information is vital for any product planning, expansion strategy and service offered to the customer.

IoT deployment is a challenging task. Businesses who intends to implement IoT, needs to understand the benefits they are going to reap from the technology. Globizs help IoT deployments base on your business needs. Want to know more about IoT implementation contact our IoT engineers today.


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