POS System: Versatile Retail Management System for Small Business

POS System for Retail businesses

POS System is a handy tool for retail businesses as it saves time and cost. But the choice to choose the kind of POS for your business is as varied as the choices available in a retail shop. Just like many other business decisions you need to research before you decide which one is best suitable for your business. Because POS will depend on your sales volume and if you own a high sales volume business like a bakery or grocery the POS will be different than low sales volume retail like home appliances.

What to consider while looking for a POS System?

The biggest and foremost concern for any business type is the cost. The Globizs POS System is one of the most price effective systems available in the market. The system comes with customisable features which can adapt to your Retail business process. It can also be integrated with Tally system and comes with complete inventory management, reporting and bill generation features. Also, customer retention process can well be aligned with our system.

The Globizs POS system is specifically designed for retailers’ small and big. Our service covers full customer support and after sales service.

How much a POS System Cost?

A simple POS system will cost only a few thousand rupees. But the price may go up as you customise the system to suit your business process. The price may also differ with the complexity of your retail business model.

Does POS System come with accounting or record keeping?

Different POS System will have a wide array of features. But Globizs POS system comes with full inventory management system, reporting, and bill generation system. Accounting system, payroll and other customer retention process such as SMS alert, promotional emails, etc. can be integrated into the system through customisation. Check out Globizs.com for all the details and the features you are looking for in a POS System. Knowing what the features are and your need can help you narrow down on what to decide.


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