GPS Tracking System: Real Time and App friendly GPS Looker

GPS Tracking System: What it is?


The GPS tracking system is an acronym of Global Positioning System. It uses the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network to locate the position of the particular device, vehicle or fleet. The GPS device when installed provides information on the location, speed, time and direction of the vehicle. This system incorporates a range of satellites which uses microwave signals transmitted through the devices. And such devices can provide both real-time and historical data of the vehicle’s journey.


How the GPS Tracking System works?


The GPS tracking system emits special signals which are then processed by a receiver. The receiver then tracks the exact location, speed and time. The vehicle position can be calculated in three-dimensional views using the help of the four GPS satellite signals. The positioning system and the control there off are located across the globe. Thus, the monitoring stations track the signals from the GPS satellites which orbits the earth continuously. GPS users, then receive the satellite signals and converting them into data by tracking the position, speed and time of the vehicle.


There are various ways in which a GPS tracking system works. In commercial setup, the device will record the position of the vehicles in the journey. Some of the systems record the data and stores it within the tracking system, also known as passive tracking. Other systems will send the data to a centralised system via a modem within the GPS system on a regular basis, it is known as active tracking or 2-way GPS tracking system.


Passive Vs Active GPS Tracking System


Passive GPS Tracking System will record the details of the vehicle within an internal memory card. Such information can be retrieved manually on a computer later on for analysis. Or the data can be transferred to a predetermined point to wirelessly download. This system does not provide real time data, but helps in monitoring the historical data for better performance. They are cheaper and works better for smaller fleets.


An active GPS tracking system records real-time data and send out alerts in case of speeding, deviation from route, time boundaries, etc. It helps owners of fleets to keep tab on the movement of such vehicles. The only set back is the initial cost of purchasing the device and its installation.


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