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What Is School Management System? And Why It is important?

Schools of all levels in Manipur face numerous challenges in organizing communications between administrators, teachers, students, and parents. Student information, payments, and other administrative tasks can be overwhelming, especially at medium and large educational institutions. EduLookers (School management systems) by Globizs can automate these tasks and reduce administrative and personnel requirements.

EduLooker is a school management system software developed by Globizs Web Solution Pvt. Ltd. Imphal Manipur. It is a school software with a set of modules that lets the institutes smoothly run the organization. The software helps in managing end-to-end school operations right from student admission to student leaving. Before using any school management software, it is important to have knowledge about what the software can do for your convenience, how it can make your process easy and what additional features they are providing. 

Benefits of School Management Software

For any organization, good administration is very much required as it helps to boost the productivity of the organization. The increase in productivity is only possible when we decrease the time in maintaining the track records and increased the accuracy in organizing the data. By using an Edulooker, the institute can get the following benefits, some of which include:

  • Easy process for student admission.
  • Easy & effective communication between teacher, parents & students.
  • Employee management (HRMS).
  • Quick process in ID card & certificate generation.
  • Reduction in the cost of communication.
  • Easy access from any location.
  • Hostel Management. 
  • Paperless administration.

Benefits of School Management Software to Parents

Staying connected with a child’s academic progress is quite difficult for parents, especially for working parents. Edulooker allows parents to log onto the parents portal and check up-to-date information regarding PTA meetings, attendance reports, events, progress reports, and many more. Some of the main advantages of school software for parents are-

  • Prior information about school events and holidays
  • Provides up-to-date information regarding assignments, grades, PTA meetings, etc.
  • Stay updated with the child’s performance, attendance and payment dues.
  • Helps parents to actively participate in school activities.
  • Reduces workload.
  • Frequent interaction with teachers & management.

Benefits of School Management Software to Teachers

It is important for teachers to maintain the smooth functioning of the class. Edulooker helps teachers with quick access to examinations, students’ academic performance throughout the year, student’s attendance records, report card generation within a few seconds, and easy communication with parents via parent’s communication portals. Some of the advantages to teachers are:

  • Easy access to the student record.
  • A computerised management of marks and grades.
  • Easy & secure access to records regarding school, classroom and student activities.
  • Schedule timetable & examination schedule in advance.
  • Quick process in report card generation.
  • Efficient & effective interaction with parents.
  • Easy communication with parents.
  • school admission management software.

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