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Things to consider before buying a CCTV camera In Imphal Manipur.

CCTV Camera is now being implemented in commercial, residential as well as industrial buildings as enhanced security for every moment. There are various types and configurations and quality of CCTV cameras and the related accessories available in the market of Imphal Manipur. So, the type of cameras depends upon your requirement areas. For instance, the cameras used in industries and the commercial area may be high end and offer better clarity even at the night. They may also facilitate infrared imaging. However, so many factors may not be essential for a residential area setup. Accordingly, the price would also vary. This article discusses some factors you may want to consider when buying security cameras.

What to Look for When Buying a CCTV Camera.

Even if you are not looking for high-end features in a CCTV camera, the last thing you would want is a not blurry or almost invisible footage when you really need it. So, a CCTV camera and its accessories must have some basic features even if it is just for a residential. Here are some factors you must consider when considering buying a CCTV camera.

  1. Choose your Camera Types according to your requirements: 

Analog | IP | WIFI cameras and many more

  1. Check the Camera’s Viewing range & angle: 

Optimal Viewing Angle: 110 degrees or more

Optimal Range: 30-40 meters and more

  1. Select the Megapixel resolution of the camera.

Analog Cameras: 2MP and above (We recommend min. 5 MP for optimal clarity)

IP Cameras: 2MP and above

  1. Live video & Saved video playback.

Playback time depends on the Hard disk or SD card size

Live view through the mobile app or Monitor

  1. If buying a Combo offer, Ask for the Final Price with all the Accessories 

Avoid Hidden Charges after you Buy!

  1. Don’t Compromise on Wire Quality.

3+1 Coaxial for Analog cameras

CAT6 or optical fiber for IP Cameras

  1. Check the Warranty and After sales services. 

Is the seller an Authorized Distributor, Dealer & System Integrator?

Ask for a System warranty and servicing period!


Low cost is not always better!

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