IT product Marketing: Solutions, services and skills

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IT Product and services marketing: viable solutions


  • Marketing any IT products or services starts with the market that the product or services is supposed to conquer and not only with the idea, doesn’t matter how creative it is.
  • A successful product marketing journey begins with the successful utilisation of the product by the user.  The product should meet the requirements of the target users and not the other way round.
  • Copying someone else’s success recipe is not going to guarantee your success. The product knowledge and the experiences you earn on the way is the only way to mark your success.


IT Product and services marketing: Staying outdoors and getting into the client’s head


  • Get out often and learn about the clients and their problems.
  • The product should be able to address the problem the user is facing effectively.  Research and investing time can help in simplifying the problem and get you results.
  • Understand the Consumer psychology and always take into consideration their cultural preferences and structure them to market your product.


IT Product and services marketing: Measure metrics and user scenarios


  • It is necessary to keep the metrics in mind and never lose sight of it. Whether it may be client reports or Customer acquisition cost or customer lifetime value, they all needs to be studied and learned.
  • Create a User scenario that will allow you to understand how the product will look or work in real life situation. And work this design to the advantage of the product.


IT Product and services marketing: Address the user-problem


Product marketing is about having the right mindset. Everything else from roles, relationship and task will come after this.

Describing the features of the product alone cannot leave a mark in the minds of the users. Emphasising the solution the product provides and addressing the pain point of the users will allow your products to be in the spotlight. This will allow the users to understand the value that can be derived from your product. Thus, highlighting your core value and value proposition offered by your product.


IT Product and services marketing: Target customer segmentation and value proposition


Not every customer will buy your product. There has to be a clear define customer segment you want to sell your products. Target only those customers whose problem you are solving and the value proposition you are providing them.  And how to ensure that the above two are in alignment with your product. Read further…


IT Product and services marketing: Validate


  • Validating ideas, customer, etc. any other validation require for your product to do well in the market. Because if any of it is missing out it will return back to bite back.
  • What’s in it for the user? Plain and simple. Your product should genuinely benefit your target customer. Because if the usefulness is not clear customer will not buy it, simple. Customers are not going to waste money on something that does not provide any value to them. You should be able to draw a distinct difference between the impact of the absence and the presence of your product in their lives.
  • Positioning your product should be based on the buyer persona and target market. They should focus on the pain points of the customer and not the features of the products.


IT Product and services marketing: Speak their language


  • Speak the language of the customer. Clear any buzzwords, jargons, lingo, etc.  Use the language, words and expression they are speaking or use to. Keep the socio-demographic profile in mind.


IT Product and services marketing: Deal with the people and their nuances


  • When you market a product think of the people to whom you are marketing. Also keep their nuances in mind. They will have their peculiarities, so do researches before you market your product. Keep their cultural and social disposition while communicating with them.


Technology changes frequently, but it’s not the same with people. So, keep in mind, it’s still people that you will be dealing with at the end of the day, no matter what updates or discoveries or invention comes up in the industry. The aim of it all should be dealing with people’s pain points. Thus, IT product marketing still has to deal with people’s nuances and take them into consideration as part of their decision making process and not just the innovations that comes along.


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