Champions of change: Avenues of progress

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Mr. Roshini Kumar Yambem, Managing Director of Globizs Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. receives invitation to be part of the “Champions of Change”which was organised by the NITI Aayog at Pravasi Bharatiya Kendra. The event was organised to allow entrepreneurs from all corners of the country come together and contribute towards providing valuable inputs which will help benefit the country collectively.


The event provided a platform for the entrepreneurs to interact with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Also, six different groups of young CEOs’make presentations on various topics like Make in India, World Class Infrastructure, Doubling Framers’Income, Reforming the Financial Sector, Cities of tomorrow and New India by 2022. The Prime minister also lays emphasis on benefitting from the presentation and help in policy making while addressing the issues with a 360 degree view. Also, the Prime minister was pleased in collaborating with the young great minds to create an actionable road map to help build a new India by 2022 through G2B (Government to Business) initiatives.


The prime minister also lays emphasis on people’s participation in governance. As well such partnership among the government and the CEO’s will enhance the participation of the people and their welfare, and the nation as a whole. He further reminds how the freedom struggle, under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi, converted every Indians to soldiers of freedom. How such small actions lead to a mass movement?


He emphasise that development too, needs to become a mass movement. Addressing the attendees as his team, the prime minister urges everyone to contribute towards taking India forward.


Mr. Roshni Kumar Yambem participate Champions of change organised by NITI Aayog. A rare opportunity to interact with the prime Minister of India and other CEO’s and young entrepreneurs.


Giving the example of value addition in agriculture, the Prime Minister said a multi-pronged approach is essential for achieving desired objectives such as doubling of agriculture incomes. Emphasizing the importance of food processing, the Prime Minister said lack of infrastructure is leading to huge losses in the agriculture sector.


The Prime Minister said the Union Government has taken a number of decisions that have brought about fundamental transformation. He gave the illustration of decisions taken for urea availability and production – such as gas price pooling; remuneration for excess production etc. This led to additional production of 20 Lakh tonnes of urea. He said Neem-coating of urea ended its large scale diversion.


He said that the Government wants to move towards making India a less-cash society. He asked CEOs to partner with Government to build momentum in this regard.


Similarly, he said that on occasions such as festivals, Khadi could be promoted through gifting etc – and this would greatly help the poor. He said an atmosphere must be created to take the poor along in every sphere of life.


The Prime Minister gave the example of Government e-Marketplace (GeM) to show how small traders are competing successfully in provision of supplies to the Government. He said 1000 crore rupees have been transacted through GeM so far and 28,000 suppliers have contributed to this platform.


The Prime Minister said Indians must take pride in their own country. He said each one should develop a temperament to promote tourist destinations within India, spontaneously among their contacts.


Giving the example of “waste to wealth” entrepreneurs, the Prime Minister said that this can help achieve the objectives of Swachh Bharat and clean environment. He said the aim of entrepreneurs and business should be to provide products which solve simple problems faced by people in the country.


Several Union Ministers and senior Government officials were present on the occasion.

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