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Benefits Of Digital Marketing Over Traditional Marketing

Manipur is one of the growing digital states in India, with a population of 3.2 Million as of March 2022. The number of Internet users is around 60 % in Manipur, which is less compared to the other state but Manipur also growing more internet users and other technology.  We are giving these stats to give you a glimpse of how big our target audience is and these numbers are only increasing with time. 

What is Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the process of promoting Brand, products and services through digital channels, such as social media (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc), SEO, email, and mobile app Marketing. Any form of marketing that involves electronic devices is considered digital marketing. 

Why is Digital Marketing more effective than traditional one?

Traditional Marketing refers to the conventional modes of marketing which is one of the well-researched, long-lived & proven methods of reaching out your message to customers with various offline advertising & promotional methods like Newspaper Ads Television, Radio, Magazine Ads pamphlet and hoarding. 

In traditional Marketing, businesses try to reach customers directly. While Digital Marketing has the extra advantage of targeting a specific audience but with a different approach. Digital Marketing is the kind of marketing where you can make sure that people find you when they are looking for the services you provide. We can do this by creating & optimizing websites to show up higher in search results, by creating social media accounts that people would love to follow, by creating informative and attractive content that convinces customers about the products or services, and various other methods. Digital Marketing helps to create awareness & promote business on a much larger scale. Digital Marketing is an approach to advertising through various digital channels. This includes 

  1. Social Media Marketing 
  2. Video Marketing 
  3. E-Mail Marketing 
  4. Blogs & Content Marketing 
  5. Paid Search (PPC) 
  6. Search Engine Optimisation

Benefits Of Digital Marketing Over Traditional Marketing

Less Expensive & More Effective 

Digital Marketing is less expensive compared to Traditional Marketing. And of course, digital marketing fetches you a greater ROI than traditional marketing because it’s cheaper than traditional marketing in more than one way. Paper & printing costs, and also newspaper & television ads are relatively very high in more than one way. Digital marketing allows you to spend your budget less while gaining more effect.

Higher Level of Customer Engagement 

With traditional marketing, you cant interact with your customers directly. Businesses have to wait for the response in order to go further process. This is a long and exhausting process. On the other hand, with Digital Marketing strategies we will have the advantage of contacting the customers directly through various channels via social media comments, emails or instant messages. Digital marketing allows you to engage your audience in real-time. You will be able to chat and discuss your product or services and easily build long-lasting relationships with customers.

Easy Analytics 

In traditional marketing when you give away brochures and newspaper ads, it’s impossible for businesses to know how far business is going to be successful. On the other hand, with digital marketing, you can instantly measure the conversion rate, profit, and a number of viewers of your advertisements, all in real-time. This can be done through social media analytics, which easily studies all the records and then adjusts them carefully.

Large Audience Range 

Traditional marketing is limited in many ways. And the biggest limitation is that you cannot do marketing beyond the regional or local audience. In digital marketing, you will be able to create highly customized campaigns where you can widen your audience range to different cities, and also to different countries. Therefore, through digital marketing, you can perform your brand awareness to your customers quickly and widely.

Immediate Publicity 

With digital marketing, you get real-time results, where you get instant publicity, and even if you don’t, you get to know instantly which of your ads is not working. An advantage here in digital marketing over traditional marketing is that you get a newer audience and newer visitors to your website or ads every second because there is a chain reaction on the shares and comments through social media and similar other online platforms which results in quicker publicity of your brand or company.

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